Grading Policy


  1. Students must be dressed and seated in roll squad within 5 minutes of the tardy bell.
  2. Students will be checked for promptness and complete uniform daily.
  3. Participation in physical fitness exercises, and activities are a California State High School Graduation Requirement. (ed code 51225.3)

* Please see “MEDICALS” below for modified participation.

  1. Each student is required to sit quietly and maintain order during roll call and adhere to class rules throughout the period.
  2. Showering after class is an essential practice of proper hygiene. Students are encouraged to shower each day after physical education class and are expected to bring their own towels.

*All students will be expected to bring their own lock.  If a lock is left on the wrong locker, it will be cut off at the owner’s expense.  If you are unable to bring a lock see your teacher. They will assign you a lock and it will need to be returned at the end of term.

*The Physical Education department will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.  Students are expected to use locks on lockers in order to secure belongings. Students are not allowed to share locks and lockers.  Any items left in lockers after the last day of school will be donated. If Life Fitness is dropped it is the student’s responsibility to check out of locker.


All Life Fitness students are expected to wear an Oak Ridge High School Physical Education uniform.  All uniforms must have the student’s name on the front of shorts and front/back of their T-shirt.

  1. The school will check out appropriate PE attire to any student who would choose this option.  The attire will be returned to the school at the end of the class term.
  2. The student may purchase their own appropriate PE attire.  A light grey crew cut t-shirt with capped sleeves. Navy blue shorts not shorter than 3 inches above the knee or past the bottom of the knee.  Shorts cannot have pockets.
  3. The student may purchase the appropriate PE attire from the school.


Unless otherwise instructed by the teacher, students shall turn off, not use, and keep out of sight all cell phones and other signaling devices during the class period. Cell phones should be out of sight at all times in the locker room and locked in your PE locker during class. Furthermore, any listening, recording, or videotaping of peers, teachers, or visitors to the classroom without prior consent is prohibited.


Grades for physical education will be based heavily upon participation, attitude, responsible behavior, social development skills, knowledge, and physical fitness tests. 

Each day every student enters class with 100% of that days’ credit if dressed and on time for roll call. It is up to each student to avoid point deductions. Block days are worth 20 points and Non-Block days are worth 10 points. You must be present and prepared for activity in order to keep your participation points. The following are possible ways for a student to lose points. You will note that point deductions are doubled on block period days.

NON-SUIT -10 -20

(teacher discretion)

-5 -10
INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR -1 to -10 -1 to -20
CUT CLASS -20 -40
TARDY -5 -5

GRADES WILL BE BASED ON THE FOLLOWING PERCENTAGE OF POINTS EARNED:Skills, written, and performance-based physical fitness tests and class activities will be assigned an appropriate point value based on the nature of the activity.

A = 93 to 100%

A- = 90 to 92%

B+ = 88 to 89%

B = 83 to 87%

B- = 80 to 82%

C+ = 78 to 79%

C = 73 to 77%

C- = 70 to 72%

D+ = 68 to 69%

D = 63 to 67%

D- = 60 to 62%

F = 59% or lower

5K AEROBIC RUN BENCHMARK – Life Fitness 1/Life Fitness 2

All students will complete the 5K run (3.1 mile) distance at 46:53 or faster (15 min/mile pace). All students will complete the distance without walking or stopping, unless on an ORHS Contract for Modifications (blue form). Students who do not complete the 5K will be assigned an incomplete grade until the benchmark is complete.  Training runs will include both on and off-campus runs during the spring semester. 

CREDIT MAKE-UP: Monday Morning Credit Make-Up: 7:15am

Participation at credit make-up is worth 10 points. This is equivalent to one half of a Block day or one full Non-Block day. Students will be given one week following an excused absence or missed participation excused by a doctor’s or parent’s note, to make arrangements for make-up of missed assignments. Missing assignments must be made up within the two week period following an absence. Monday morning make-ups will start at 7:15 a.m. SHARP.

*Tardy students will not be allowed to participate.

Students absent due to participation in official Oak Ridge academic and athletic activities will be given credit for hours of regular activity missed (warm-ups, daily exercises, games, and sports). All weighted assignments such as skills tests, fitness tests, distance runs, and written tests must be made up for credit to be earned.  It is the student’s responsibility to communicate with their teacher in advance of these absences.


Any student who is unable to participate in regular physical education activities due to illness or injury must provide a doctor’s note. It should describe limitations, the terms of those limitations and give a prescription for appropriate and safe activities. A parent’s note will be accepted for short-term illness or injury requiring modifications for up to 

one week. In either case, students will be expected to make up missed work or participate in an alternate activity when provided.

*The teacher may recommend a pass/fail grade for students with limitations warranting long term modifications (4 weeks or more). Parents may request this pass/fail option by attaching a signed, written request to this form.


Successful completion of two years and 20 units of credit are graduation requirements.  (ed code 51225.3) Life Fitness 1 is a required course for all freshmen students and must be completed as a prerequisite for enrollment in Life Fitness 2. Students may take Life Fitness 2 in grades 10-12.